A New Event Format Optimized for Public Safety

Our event structure was designed to eliminate the hurdles that make it difficult for public safety agencies to attend technology showcases.

Regional: Travel is time and cost consuming. So we come to you. Our events are regional and rotate monthly. We also feature recordings of main stage presentations.

Open House Showcase: We also know your schedule is demanding; it’s difficult to carve out a full day to dedicate to an event. Our open house technology showcase model allows invited public safety leaders to join us for 1-on-1 demos at the time that works for you. You’re welcome to come, visit directly with the technology most relevant for your agency, then leave if your schedule is tight.

Main Stage Spotlight: Or you can join us for the full day and experience the industry’s first dedicated rapid fire technology showcase solely focused on emerging technology. Throughout the afternoon showcasing entrepreneurs and innovators will be releasing new products, features and capabilities in front of a live audience and recorded for worldwide availability in partnership with media partner Praetorian Digital.

Creative Venues: AWS Lofts are a place where the limits of innovation are challenged and disruption is encouraged. It’s the perfect venue to showcase the future of first responder technology.

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Solutions for First Responders, Built With First Responders

Featuring mission critical technology that has been tested and optimized by first responder input and feedback. Solutions that solve some of the industry's most pressing problems such as:

AWS ResponderXLabs

Supporting Mission Critical Workloads

We are proud to partner with AWS – with over 80 services and features, their cloud innovation is essential to countless federal, state, and local agencies’ critical operations. AWS also enables ResponderXLabs participants to leverage the power of cloud to support public safety.

Streamed to 1000’s of agencies

Unable to attend in person? With a reach of more than 1.6 million first responders and government officials, media partner Praetorian Digital, will feature technology demos on the main stage will be recorded and available to first responders across the globe. These short format presentations are focused on clearly relaying how the technology can help solve problems specific to your agency.


Operation Convergent Response

Ready • Respond • Recover • Rebuild

Verizon is revolutionizing emergency response training at the Guardian Centers in Perry, Georgia with immersive exercises, live disaster demonstrations, and other opportunities to see technology in action.

Featuring Demonstrations from:


AWS Loft
350 West Broadway, New York, NY
April 15th

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