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Every technology that showcases at a ResponderXLive has gone through a ResponderXLabs Program. This means you can be confident the technology has been fully vetted and optimized to meet the unique and demanding needs of public safety. Our events are unsponsored, so it’s not about who can write the biggest check, it’s about who can make the biggest difference.

Experience the Cutting Edge Technology from ResponderXLabs Programs

ResponderXLabs Programs source the top technology from around the globe to optimize and deploy them throughout public safety. Experience first hand why these mission critical solutions were selected for our Programs.

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Blueforce Development - Powering the Intelligent Edge

The Blueforce software platform enables real-time awareness of people, sensors, and systems operating at the edge.

The Protector Award

Innovation meets Grit

Recognizing first responders who embrace technology to PROTECT our communities. Sharing their stories of bravery and courage.

Responder Portal

First Responder Innovation Lives Here

Responder Portal is public safety’s home for innovation. Cutting-edge, life-saving, solutions that are available for deployment today. Supported by entrepreneurs that have been vetted and enabled by the industry’s leading stakeholders and investors. Technology that’s been tested and optimized by first responders from across the globe.

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GSVlabs Boston
2 Ave de Lafayette, Boston, Massachusetts
September 12th

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